Simphiwe Mbanjwa

Simphiwe joined the MST class of 2002. Simphiwe came to MCC with F’s in both maths and science. With these marks, Simphiwe, didnt think he had a decent future but after a year of working hard, Simphiwe left MCC with B’s in both subjects.

Simphiwe now holds a BSc Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies and is working as a manager for the Msunduzi Municipality, human settlement division.

MCC is very proud of you Simphiwe and we wish you nothing but the best!



Phakamani Zuma

I am a young man from Sweetwater’s in PMB and went to MCC to  upgrade my studies, little did I know that I had done the best decision in  my life, I grew in many ways, in character and socially. When I arrived at University I discovered that I was way ahead of my peers. The environment at MCC just encourages one to excel, the place is secluded and everyone has the same goal and motivated to do well, which is also communicated among the student we were competing to be at tertiary and be something one day. It was my first time away from home and was introduced to the life outside home in a very controlled environment which prepares one to strive to be the best, out of that treatment I was motivated to even start the “MCC Future Past initiative” where we assist students from MCC register and with their stay at tertiary, because we know everyone there is just working towards being at tertiary. Now the education side of MCC is just out of this world, I remember our Maths teacher used to give us history of every sum that did, why it was started and by the time you work on the test you know why you are doing the sum and there is just no way you cannot remember. Sadly the teacher passed away when we got back from the June holidays but MCC again got us a teacher, I still have no idea where they get the teaches of that calibre but we had the best teachers and it was just made impossible not to pass. To date I use the principles instilled by MCC in studying and socially.

Phakamani is a final year student doing BSc Computer Engineering at UKZN, Westville Campus.


Zanele Msimang

I was amongst the very first group of MST in 1999. When the programme started it was with us.  We had the most amazing time at MCC in a way that when we left the whole school was in tears. We were one big family away from home, MCC was and is really a blessing in my life. I remember when I finished matric I had passed really well but had no money to further my studies. I then heard of MCC where my dreams were realised and met, out that programme came a scientist even though I had never done Physical Science in my life…It was the first time ever I was exposed to the subject but I passed really well. It is no surprise that the programme is still surviving, it started very well. I am not a Scientist through the programme. I was amongst the top 10 student who were selected to study at University of KwaZulu Natal also that was through the generosity and hard work of the staff at MCC. I remember getting a call during holidays, with no hope that I will ever go to tertiary, we were told to go to UKZN and meet a professor there, who just made all possible, I can never fully express the gratitude I have for what the college has done for me.


Siphokuhle Mabaso

Siphokuhle joined the MCC MST class of 2007 from Injasuthi High School. After his year in the MST programme, Siphokuhle, had good enough marks in both Maths and Science to join the team of mobile lab technicians. Siphokuhle, believes that it was during his time as a lab technician that he realised his dream of becoming a teacher.

Siphokuhle, is now a qualified Physical Science teacher at Zizamele High School. MCC is very proud of you Siphokuhle and we are glad that we were able to give you the opportunity to unlock your true potential.


Noncedo Ngubane

Noncedo, attended the MCC Saturday and Holiday School in 2012 & 2013. These extra lessons helped her to get good results at the end of her grade 12 year.
Noncedo, is currently doing her 2nd year at Stellenbosch University in BSc Forestry and Wood Science.
MCC is very proud to have contributed towards your success, Noncedo and we wish you the very best.
To all learners coming to the MCC Spring Holiday School, we hope you will use this opportunity to unlock your potential!

 Linda Nkanyiso Ndlovu

Linda joined the MST class of 2015 from Estcourt Secondary School. When Linda got his grade 12 results he didnt think that he had a bright furture ahead of him but fortunately, MCC gave him a second chance. At the end of 2015, Linda, was one of the top achievers.

Linda, is currently studying a BSc (Chemistry) degree at UKZN on a full bursary from Shell SA Refining.

We are proud of you Linda and we wish you the very best with your qualification



Zinhle Sibiya
Zinhle, was in the MST class of 2013. Zinhle, is currently doing her final year at UKZN in Psychology.

MCC is very proud of you Zinhle and we wish you well on your journey to becoming a psychologist.



Nonjabulo Mchunu


I’m Nonjabulo Mchunu, a 26 years old past MCC student. I studied at MCC in 2007 and moved to UKZN to compete my degree with honours in Pharmacy. I work at Northdale Hospital as a Grade 1 pharmacist. I initially wanted to do Medicine but could not qualify. I lost all hopes after my matric year until I was introduced to MCC. I left the college with B’s in Mathematics and Physical Science in the final exams, opening doors to follow my passion in health sciences.

At MCC I learnt my independence and learnt to share my space with everyone. I am grateful because at the end, the outcome was phenomenal. I still take my hat off for MCC. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity that was presented by MCC when all had failed.

My heart is still in medicine and I’ve planned to enrol at Wits for the year 2017. Yes – sponsors from the UNITE engineering programme came, and bursaries from different sectors that MCC had organised for us, but my heart was covered in white coats.  My advice is always, that when choosing a career path, choose wisely because ultimately that’s where you’ll be for almost the rest of your life, Find something that intrigues you, something you love, even your childhood dream. Money isn’t everything sometimes.


test2aSihawukele `Emma’ Zulu enrolled in 2014 for our Maths, Science, Technology `Recovery’ Project to upgrade her matric results. She came from St Joseph’s School in New Hanover, having been part of our Saturday/ Holiday School programme in that area sponsored by the Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education (SITFE) when she was in grades 11 and 12. She was determined to `study something in Agriculture’ and, at the end of 2014, was accepted by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in P.E. to do a diploma in Forestry on the George campus. `I am very lucky because a person from overseas has paid my fees. I am doing very well in Botany pracs but still struggle with academic English.’



Qiniso Ndlovu

Qiniso Ndlovu is a Midlands Community College 2011 MST student and a former student of Tendela Combined. He came to the college with low marks in Physics and wanted to upgrade and did not want to fall prey to anything else but a career in medicine.

I found MCC very interesting because I was very good in Mathematics but not in Physical science. I was just forced to focus on Physics and I ended up loving this subject. Coming from a very disadvantaged family, with parents who only did piece jobs, I came to the College with only a few garments. At MCC my level 2 for Physical Science moved up to level 5, which gave me a second chance in life. I still don’t believe how easy the subject was when I was at MCC compared to my previous years.

In 2012 I became a volunteer teacher at Tendela teaching Mathematics. To earn a living I also did piece jobs, from tree felling to taxi conducting.

When I was beginning to give up on my career as a doctor and after my colleagues from Tendela died in a car accident, it made me think: my life was also going to end there. Just when I was in a debate with myself, bursary opportunities came from Cuba to study Medicine. Thank God because my dream has always been to study abroad. With my upgraded marks from MCC, I knew I stood a chance – and here I am now, in Cuba learning in Spanish! MCC put good discipline measures in place and I knew everything is possible. When I got to Cuba I was not afraid of anything- even studying in Spanish is not a problem for me. I am currently specialising in Cardiovascular and Neurology. MCC spoke to all areas of my life, from career guidance, independence, life skills, and soccer -which I still do as an extra- mural activity in Cuba.

My advice to people is always choose a career that you love not because of money, and never look down on yourself. Everything is possible in life. No matter which school you went to, there are opportunities out there, especially in physical science.

What I learnt most from MCC was about help from strangers, which is what I carry with me all the time: “People need my help and everyone’s help”.



Bulelani Biyela was at MCC in 2012 doing the   MST (Maths, Science and Technology Upgrading Programme)

My experience with MCC might be different from others. I just had a lovely time. Even though there was lots of work, there was sufficient help from the staff. I gained a lot from the MCC career guidance where I got forms to apply for Agriculture. My destiny was determined by being at MCC and I am grateful for taking the second chance opportunity.

I upgraded my marks from level 2 to level 4 Maths and Physics which helped me to get to tertiary. I was even accepted in more than one institution and had many choices but my mind was set on Agriculture. My previous year’s application prior to MCC was a struggle. In fact I did not get accepted, not in even one institution. After MCC doors opened for me.

Tertiary now for me is a breeze. After receiving intense education at MCC, it is just easy to face the world with ease. The ICDL computer course made my life so easy. I am able to do my assignments and surf the net which is what we do. I do my own research and everything is just easy for me compared to other students.

I am currently doing a National Diploma in Agriculture, which is farm management. I am focusing on animal and crop sciences. We also do production courses such as forestry, sugar cane farming, agronomy etc.

My advice to everyone is that you should choose something you love. I have seen people drop out on first year, but if you enjoy what you do then you stand a chance of making it. I researched about my course when I was at MCC and fell in love even more with the idea of agriculture and had a better understanding of what I was getting myself into. I love it – and would not choose anything else. I want to have my own farm one day.