Mobile Science Laboratory

mobilelabSince 2002, MCC has been bringing science to life through practical, exciting and fun demonstrations. The technicians demonstrate over 900 practicals each year, offering learners a chance to have hands-on experience of the physical science curriculum. Educators attend workshops to familiarise themselves with the activities and equipment and also receive worksheets and marking rubrics.

Our team of 6 trained laboratory technicians visit 55 disadvantaged, rural schools that lack science laboratories, facilities and equipment to assist educators and learners from Grade 10-12 with the science experiments required for each grade.

One of the key priorities for MCC regarding this project is effective monitoring and evaluation that enables accurate measurement of impact to ensure that the goals and objectives are achieved. To this end, MCC has partnered with a company that provides the College with a customised database and reporting platform. This uses hand-held mobile data collection devices to capture and synchronise data via an online reporting platform thereby enabling real-time data collection that assists management with effectively sorting and using the data. This solution greatly improves the monitoring and evaluation capabilities and enhances reporting to stakeholders and donors.