ICDL – International Computer Drivers Licence

Midlands-Community-College-ICDLMidlands Community College boasts two dedicated computer rooms, with up-to-date hardware and software in order to offer computer skills training to the public as well as the resident Grade 12 students.

The College is a registered ICDL (International Computer Driver Licence) teaching and examination centre, offering the four modules that make up the ICDL Certificate. These modules are:

Module 1       Computer Essentials
Module 2       Word Processing (MS Word)
Module 3       Spreadsheets (MS Excel)
Module 4       Online Essentials

Each module is ten days long with an online examination being taken at the end of the learning period.

Many of our computer students come from outlying areas, and MCC offers a residential option as more than 50% of students can be accommodated at the College.