Fixed Toy Libraries

fixedtoylibMCC has established 3 fixed toy libraries which are currently operational and managed by 3 trained, voluntary Toy Librarians.

Fixed Toy Library in Mpophomeni

A fixed toy library has been set up at Sifisesihle Primary School in Mpophomeni. The FCMs in Mpophomeni also take the children they work with to the library so that they are exposed to structured play groups and a variety of learning resources.

Fixed Toy Library in Loskop

The Apex-Hi supported toy library has been set up at Vezinthuthuko Primary School in Loskop and services the local pre-schools in the area providing the children with access to a variety of toys and structured play sessions.

Fixed Toy Library in Bruntville

A toy library has also been established at Bruntville Primary School in 2015 and is being used by the children from local pre-schools as well as the children who are part of the non-centre based ECD programme in that area.