ECD Short Courses

The College’s ECD Department offers a number of short courses which are designed to improve teaching and learning in ECD sites.

Early Childhood Development Orientation

The ECD Orientation Course is an introduction to ECD and gives more inexperienced ECD practitioners the grounding they need to offer basic ECD services to children under 5 years of age. All of the volunteers employed in the Non-Centre Based ECD Programme participate in this course in order to ensure consistency in minimum skills aptitude.

Skills Programme for Family Community Motivators (FCMs)

MCC offers this short course for participants in the Non-Centre Based ECD Programme. The course is delivered over 6 weeks and is accredited with 33 credits at NQF Level 2/3 and is based on the following unit standards:

  • Care for babies, toddlers and young children;
  • Interact with babies, toddlers and young children;
  • Prepare resources and set-up the environment to support the development of babies, toddlers and young children;
  • Support for children and adults living with HIV and AIDS;
  • Work with families and communities to support ECD service provision.

Disability training

MCC has a partnership with Inclusive Education South Africa to assist with training on disability so that all children can be included.

Parent “Resource-Making” Workshops

MCC conducts workshops for caregivers to make toys for their children. Toys are predominantly made from waste materials and the workshops are also used as an opportunity to teach caregivers about the importance of ECD.

Creative Learning Resources

This course is a recent offering by MCC. It amalgamates 3 separate short courses, namely, ‘Appropriate Paper Technology’, ‘Making Learning Resources’ and ‘Chart Making’ into one course.

The course runs over 15 days and teaches ECD practitioners how to make learning resources, teaching aids and classroom equipment, such as chairs, tables, vegetable racks, tea sets and tambourines from inexpensive, recyclable, and easily accessible materials. All that is needed is flour and water, glue, old boxes, magazines and brown paper.