About Midlands Community College

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Background and Location:

The Midlands Community College, situated in Nottingham Road in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is a non-profit educational centre, founded in 1981 by local resident and activist Mrs Pauline Greene. She was motivated by her philosophy that education provides a path out of poverty and that everyone should have access to quality education. Through the support of friends and community members, land was donated in the centre of Nottingham Road. The then Barclays Bank provided seed funding for the construction of the first blocks of classrooms and offices.The legacy left by Mrs Greene has grown into a flourishing educational centre with both residential and outreach programmes and an annual reach of approximately 2500 beneficiaries in the Early Childhood Development sector and 6000 youth in the maths, science and technology sector.

dsc_6803Our Two Centres of Excellence:

The College has two main flagship programmes, namely, the Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Programme and the Early Childhood Development Programme.

Governance and Organisational Structures:

The organisational structure consists of two legal entities: an Association Not for Gain which holds all the assets, and a Not for Profit Company which is responsible for the management and operations of the College:

The Association Not for Gain has a board of General Committee members chaired by Bishop Tsietsi Seleoane.

The Board of Directors of the NPC is chaired by Mr Duncan Hay. Members are drawn from local government, community structures, the education sector and local business.

We are registered in terms of S18A of the Income Tax Act. We are accredited and registered with the ETDP SETA Reg. Number: ETDPS1276

The College’s NPC Management Team consists of the Director,  Candy Goodlad, the Business Relations Manager, Margaret Johnson, the Programmes Manager, Rebecca Wakeford and the Finance and Administration Manager, Tarynne Lock.

The College has a staff compliment of over 60 people, including, permanent, part-time, contract as well as volunteers.